The ResearchWild! Experience

We are ResearchWild!, a company committed to the idea of promoting intercultural competency and conservation. To us, this means connecting students with landowners, professionals, companies, and scientists from countries around the world. This connection centers on experiences, education, skill development, collaboration, people, and nature. 

What Makes Our Program Different?

ResearchWild! has spent years cultivating relationships with conservation and wildlife professionals owning or operating on private and public lands located throughout Southern Africa. This gives our program access to magnificent research sites and internship opportunities. A rare canvas of research opportunities opens to the possibility of answering previously unanswerable questions. Our wide range of internship opportunities offer professional development in wildlife ranching, anti-poaching, wildlife rehabilitation, veterinary medicine, guide training, professional Hunter training, wildlife conservation, and agriculture. Through our program you will expand your horizons beyond your expectations, gain useful knowledge and skills that will assist you in advancing your career, create friendships and contacts that will last a lifetime, and earn college credit.

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