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What To Expect On A ResearchWild! Internship Program

Expect to get thrown in the deep end - but in a good way! The management/staff that you will be interning under have immense faith in the abilities of their interns and you will be treated like an adult and as part of the team.  It's a common assumption that interns are there to do the work no one else wants to do- for us this is not true at all. You are given specific tasks with certain expectations and deadlines, and projects to manage from start to finish.

The internship is catered to YOU and is built around the skills/knowledge you want to gain or already have.  You can choose the type of internship you want- if you don't see what you're looking for, let us know and we will find what you want!

The internships help you gain a lot of real life work experience and they increase your confidence in a particular field- whether that be working with animals, social work, marketing, etc.; the knowledge and skills you gain will allow you to have more credentials in a "real life work environment". 

Expect to lean A LOT from very knowledgeable people who are there to help YOU make the most out of your internship.

A World Changing Idea Could Be One Experience Away!

Our internship  program is really important to us.  Having been in Africa, we feel that these opportunities can play a big role in helping us achieve our mission of providing amazing experiences to students while nurturing close partnerships with professionals and the earth.

We encourage our interns to choose a program that will help shape their understanding of what they want for their career, build confidence to achieve all that they can in their professional life, and do something that contributes to the greater good of our world rather than simply what looks good on their resume.

Tell us what you are interested in and let ResearchWild! do the rest!

Once you have been accepted into the ResearchWild! Internship Placement Program, we will find amazing internship opportunities suited to your interests and availability dates. While we are working hard finding your best options, you can start preparing for your experience!

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