Follow These Simple Application Steps:

  • Apply online through our ResearchWild! Program Application Form.

  • Assuming you meet our minimum requirements and we have open internship or research opportunities, we will work with you and our hosts to find an internship opportunity or research site matching your interests.

Upon Acceptance of Your Application:

  • ResearchWild! will call and email you to help select your host and get ready for your experience

  • Pay Program Deposits - $500 non-refundable deposit

    • Please pay your deposit as soon as possible to hold a spot in any of our educational internship programs

    • ResearchWild! cannot make final arrangements for your educational internship program with your host/s until you have paid your deposit

  • Pay Program Fees

    • ResearchWild! will provide a full invoice for your available program, once you have paid your deposit

    • All program fees must be paid in full at least 30 days prior to travel

  • Travel Preparation and Requirements

    • Obtain a valid passport

    • Book your flight

  • Health and Safety Information

    • Travel medicine and vaccinations

Program Lengths:

  • Length of an internship is 4, 8, or 12 weeks. Research assignments are negotiable, but generally require a 4-week minimum commitment. ResearchWild! recommends a maximum internship assignment of 12 weeks to ensure compliance with the 90-day maximum travel visa (South Africa).

  • Depending on your research needs, longer assignments can be arranged with the government of your host country or countries.

Single Host Internships:

  • 4-, 8-, and 12-week programs are available (recommended maximum)

  • Transportation to and from the airport included

  • Room and Board included (under most circumstances)

Multi-host Internships:

  • At least 4 weeks must be spent at each host (program specific),12-week maximum between all hosts

  • Includes transportation to and from arranged airport of arrival (typically O.R. Tambo International Airport)

  • Transportation between hosts will be arranged for an additional cost

  • Room and Board included

Single- and Multi-host Research Sites and Facilities:

  • Minimum 4-week, no maximum (stays over 90 days in South Africa have additional visa requirements)

  • ResearchWild! works on your behalf to ensure your research requirements are met within our expanding network of private and public land partners.

  • Arrangements tailored to your research proposal can include:

    • Laboratory access

    • Access to a wide range of public and private lands for your research needs

    • Research assistants

    • Transportation and accommodation

      • Room and board (short term or extended term)

      • Laundry facilities

      • Cooking services

      • Cleaning services

    • Specialized research requirements can be organized

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